Travel with Kids: Tips and Suggestions

Tips for travelling with children
May 13, 2016

Travelling with children can be fun as well as challenging. It requires a lot of planning, patience and effort to have a great family vacation. If you are going by a car, plan your travel so that there are lots of stops along the way for your children to run around and explore. Take a break at child-friendly places such as parks and playgrounds so that they feel more excited further. Therefore, it is very good to plan ahead when you are taking your children on long trips or holidays.


Here we have expert tips that help you and your child relax on long trips and have a wonderful experience…..


Book in Advance

Since you are travelling with toddlers, it’s very important to plan ahead. Therefore, book ahead whether you are camping or staying in hotels. You don’t want to arrive at a destination finding that you can’t get inside the room instantly, and have to sit in the lobby and wait.

Avoid Heavy Luggage

Pack only the things you need while travelling with children. In this way, you can spend some quality time with your children. When possible, load child’s bag with things that you might need such as bottles, diapers and wipes. Even very young kids can carry a small backpack filled with their own diapers. This saves your space in bags and makes the child feel like a big ‘boy’ or ‘girl’.

Get Vaccinated

Don’t forget to vaccinate yourself and your child before going on a travel; visit your doctor few weeks before your holiday. Proper vaccination protects against diseases like malaria, typhoid and so on, which is common in poorer countries. Well, the type of vaccines depends upon the choice of your destination. It is very important to examine yourself and your child for a healthy travel.

Be Conscious About Time

Small children are impatient in nature. They do not like to sit in a constant place for long durations. You can find a park or playground so that they can have fun things to do for a bit. They can interact with sceneries, play their favorite games and can make trips to restroom. Also, let your child rest for a bit; it can be at a relax stop or gasoline station.

Get Snacks

Carry plenty of snacks with you even though you can make multiple stops along the way. Avoid all the foods that are sticky, messy or crumby. You can carry a small handbag with small snacks like grapes or apples, dry cereals and crackers for kids to munch. Also, offering foods that take longer to eat and occupy your child for longer time might be a great idea.

Do not Forget First-Aid

One of the most important things to consider for a healthy travel is first aid. It is a must to carry first-aid kit to treat all the small cut and bruises that small kids or grow-ups may have. Along with the baby wipes, carry a hand sanitizer, allergy medicines and plastic bags in case someone gets car sick.

Make them Prepare a Travel Journal

Travel journal will help you record the wonderful memories of the journey, so that you can feel every moment you spent in past holidays. You can make your child list the activities they were involved in and interesting foods they’ve tried. You can give them the idea of collecting postcards from places you visited, and write a message on the back of it so that they can reach adulthood with a library of memories of their own.


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