Top Five Traveling Tips for Thanksgiving

November 26, 2014

Yippee! Thanksgiving is in reach of distance. Excited? Oh yeah! However, on the contrary, to various travelers, it can be a serious migraine. Thanksgiving weekend is undoubtedly the busiest travel time of the year. Congested traffic has always been a major problem during this period. This holiday is ranked second on the list of the most dangerous holidays for driving. So, before you start your arrangements, its best to keep yourself secured to complement your traveling needs.
Here are five go-to trips for traveling safely during these holidays:

Plan the holiday ahead

Planning the holiday ahead is always fruitful.  It gets easier when you already know the roadway you need to travel.  Preplanning the vehicles you are going to use can be a plus point. Being aware of news and information will make your holidays easier. Proper knowledge of shortcut ways will help you a lot. One thing you must not forget, traffic apps will help you like nothing else


Avoid traveling on Wednesday

During this feast, it is better if you avoid traveling on Wednesday.  It’s the worst traffic day before the Thanksgiving in the United States. Boston, San Francisco, and Providence are some cities under exceptions. But if you must leave on Wednesday, you need to skip the rush. You must leave before 2 pm or after 7 pm to beat the rush. 3 to 5 pm on Wednesday is headache for travelers.


Don’t travel back home on Saturday

Forget about leaving on Sunday. It is better off traveling back home on Sunday rather than Saturday. The traffic gets worse by 40% during Saturdays after the long holidays. You don’t want to end your holidays on a sad note. Saturday would be a great day to return and rest the next day.


Don’t drink and drive

Drinking can always have an impact on skills and ability of your driving. Drunken driving deaths are always high during this period. To minimize the loss and causalities, it’s wise not to drink and drive. Drinking is only fun if you’ve planned not to drive thereafter.


Adjust your attitude

Holidays are always not fun-filled. Sometimes, holidays are stressful too. Reminding yourself of Do’s and Do not’s during this holiday can be helpful. Patience during long lines and traffic can keep you calm. Neglecting all those heavy traffic, focus on the beautiful holidays ahead.

These five Thanksgiving traveling tips will really be of great help. You’ll be thankful for these tips on Thanksgiving.

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