Safety Travel tips for Women

May 13, 2016

Do you think women can have a safe travel alone? We can see lot of women travelling alone these days, either for pleasure or for some business purpose. However, the fact cannot be denied that there is always an unknown risk waiting for every woman traveler out there.

Therefore, to ensure their safety from any harm during the travel, here are some useful safety travel tips for women that will help you enjoy your holiday trip and have a glorious time without any unusual disturbances.


Consider travel insurance

Being properly insured is very important when you are travelling. It could save your life. From medical and dental to theft and lost luggage, travel insurance will compensate your expenses. Moreover, when you plan to be insured, be first to examine the travel insurance policies in depth, because they might not cover everything. E.g. Insurance plans may not cover certain adventure sports, in particular countries or regions.


Use Street Smarts

You have to be well-prepared and self-dependent while you are travelling, with tools such as a handy map, a guidebook and cash. Walk like you know this place and know where you are going. Being friendly while travelling is very important as it keeps you safe and secured. Remember, withdrawing cash during the day on a busy street is preferable than at night.


Be friendly

To be safe and have wonderful experiences all over the trip, being friendly is very important. You can introduce yourself to other travelers and to your hotel staffs when you arrive. There are so many benefits of making friends. In fact, locals can be a safe guide and show you around the place. They can be a greater help in learning the language and exploring the new city. Sometimes, strangers turn out be pretty helpful. They can assist you come across a tricky situation.


Dress like a local

In some of the developing countries, women’s dress can be a major issue. In Afghanistan, women have to cover themselves from head to toe or they’ll risk legal repercussions. So, be cautious about the dress code of different countries. Cultures and beliefs of different places are different, so when you are in Italy, dress like an Italian does.


Keep your travel documents safely

Travel documents and important papers like passports, credit cards, flight tickets and reservations are very important to be kept safe while travelling. You can make the copies of the documents and papers for any emergencies. Any bad thing can happen while you’re travelling, e.g. what if your bag’s stolen. Therefore, it is very important to have a backup plan.


Drink Moderately

Remember, you are a lone traveler, and you are responsible for your own safety, so do not drink like you drink at home. Alcohol has a way of lowering your hindrance, and that can cause problems when you’re travelling, particularly when you are alone.


Have you ever traveled alone? If you have, please share your experience. Also,if you have tips to add, please mention them in the comments.

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