Passenger Rights – A Reminder For Taxicab Users

May 16, 2014

Besides getting a comfortable seat on a taxi, there are many other facilities that a passenger should expect out of a taxi service. Knowing your rights as a taxi passenger can give many benefits to you while travelling. This blog intends to remind you about the rights of a taxicab passenger.

Here is a list of facilities that a taxi service should always deliver to its passengers.



Reliable Taxi Driver

Taxi drivers must obey all the traffic rules. They are responsible for the safety of every one inside a taxi. Having a licensed taxi driver is a must for ensuring a safe and comfortable ride. Every taxi driver must make sure that they are carrying a driver’s identity card as every passenger has a right to ask his/her driver to display their driver identity card for confirmation.


Route Selection

You always have the freedom to choose your own route to reach your preferred location. Since you are paying for the taxi service, it is your right to give directions to your taxi driver. Meanwhile, if you are not familiar with the place you are travelling to, it is the duty of a driver to drive through the most convenient and direct route.


Viewing the Fare Meter

Always make sure that the fare meter is set to zero when you enter the taxi. The passengers have every right to leave the taxi if they are skeptical about the meter readings.


Payment by cash or debit/credit cards

If you intend to pay your taxi fare via debit or credit cards, then the taxi driver must accept your payment. On the other hand, if the taxi does not support card payment, then a passenger has to be informed prior to the ride that he/she has to pay by cash. Furthermore, you can also request a driver to provide a receipt of the taxi fare.


Air Conditioning Facilities

Passengers should always be provided with clean, comfortable and well maintained taxis. Plus, a smoothly working air conditioning system should be installed in every taxi. You can request the driver to turn the AC on or off.


Access to radio or music player

Once you hire a taxi, you have the right to listen to the music of your liking. Listening to good music on a trip is a great feeling but some people prefer a quiet ride. So you should know that passengers have a right to decide on music. You can always request a taxi driver to turn off the radio or the music player.


Multiple hiring options

You have the exclusive rights on the taxi you have hired. If you wish to share your taxi with another passenger travelling to the same location and reduce your taxi fare, you are entitled to do so. However, you can always choose to travel without sharing your ride with any other passenger.


Travelling with assistance dogs

A taxi driver should always allow passengers with vision or hearing disabilities to travel with their assistance dogs. However, a taxi driver can say no to a passenger if the pet is too dangerous to travel with.


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