Man Behind The Wheel

April 26, 2017

We love to live luxury life. People seek comfort in every aspect of life and when it comes to transportation, they do not hesitate to hire a limousine or luxury sedans to experience king size luxury life.

Private transportation services have been making our life easier. They pickup on designated time and ride you to your destination comfortably.

Hiring a taxi or limo means expecting quality service like on time, safety and comfort. Besides, another most important factor to consider while hiring the service is the person behind the wheel.

You expect this person to have professional manner, understand and provide information you may need while on ride. They should be good at delivering perfect client services. Besides driving, chauffeurs (limo drivers) need to perform various roles at different times like act as executive assistant, secretary or itinerary planner. So, being a professional driver or chauffeur is not that easy. It is challenging.


The service providing companies hire a driver/chauffeur after checking their personal background and physical test. They should not have any kind of criminal record. Not even a smallest misdemeanor like DUI or speeding ticket.

A driver should possess valid driving license and have valid medical insurance. A well trained driver is aware of local traffic laws, driver and passenger safety and local street layout. These trainings are required by the law. Moreover, hiring companies also provide them on the job training which is of around two weeks.  Taxi and limousine drivers require good knowledge of the geographical area to be covered and have to pass written street/building location and safety examinations.


Limousine companies extend on the job training to chauffeurs. These courses may involve evasive or defensive driving techniques, the proper methods to ensure safety in the most extreme conditions such as inclement weather, a flat tire at high speeds, or other exterior influences for loss of vehicular control, etc.

Chauffeurs are the face of service providing company and are expected to dress, speak and act in a professional manner with customer. They must be calm and composed while driving through heavy traffic, congestion, or dealing with rude passengers.

Good drivers are familiar with local areas. They choose the most efficient routes considering the traffic at that time of day. They know where the most frequently requested destinations are such as airports, train stations, convention centers, hotels, and others. They also know where to find police stations and hospitals in the case of an emergency. Drivers must stay alert and monitor the conditions of the road. They have to take precautions to ensure their passengers’ safety, especially in heavy traffic or bad weather.

So next time when you book a ride, ask your service provider regarding drivers. You have a right to know who you are riding with before you get into the car.

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