How to Hire an Immediate Taxi during Emergency

October 31, 2014

Whether you are traveling for vacation or to attend your usual working shift, a reliable & prompt transportation service is order of the day. With mechanical science reaching at the hype, ground transportation has relatively become pretty much easier than it was few decades back. One of the reliable children of this transport generation is the four-wheeler also known as Taxi service.

We hire taxi to meet our day-to-day and sudden traveling needs. So, you must be thinking what sudden circumstances are we talking about? Sometimes situations demands for quick and on time action, this is where taxi service is vital. For example: If you are running late for an important business meeting, but you don’t have your private vehicle, which mode of transportation would you choose? Yes, probably you would choose a public bus. But, what if you miss your bus? Would you wait for another one? I guess you are not stupid.

You would want to hire an immediate taxi, right? So, how would you hire a taxi without any proper research or knowledge? Well, you just have to follow few steps and you will be fine.

Call a taxi service

 Look for a relevant taxi service through your local phone directory. Take out the number of a local taxi cab and call them. If they are near to your location, you can book their services. Ask them about the time it will take them to reach at your destination. If you can’t find a taxi at your nearby location or you can’t wait at all, you can opt for other options.

Hail a Taxi

  • Approach the taxi: If you are in a busy city area, finding taxi can’t be a difficult task. You just have to move to the corner of street and look for an available taxi. The roof light on taxi determines if the taxi is available or occupied. If there is no light or the light states “off duty,” it simply means taxi is not available. But if the light is lit on, it means taxi can be hired.
  • Lure the taxi: If you see an available taxi, just wave your hands to ask them to stop. In addition, you can wave and shout “taxi” for a quick response. During the time of waving, it’s vital to make eye-contact with the driver to let them know that you need a ride. 

Locate a taxi stand

In case you cannot find an available taxi, search a taxi stand. They are found near train stations, hotels or tourist attraction places. You have to stay at the stand for next available taxi.  Or you can ask a hotel doorman to find taxis, if you can’t locate a taxi stand.

After you meet the taxi driver, confirm the pricing and let him know your destination. Also ask for the mode of payment as some taxi accept credit card while others deal only on cash.


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Fleming Jason
January 31, 2015 1:41 pm

Taxi Services are very very helpful in case of emergency when public transport is not available.


Indeed it is Jason ?


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