Dos and Don’ts for a safe taxi ride

February 12, 2016

Dos and Don’ts for a safe taxi ride

Taxis are the fastest and the most flexible way of travelling anywhere around a city. Whether you need a ride after a late night party, or you need to arrive at the airport at sparrow’s fart, taxis are the most convenient and safe solutions.

But, there are a lot more things you need to know about having safe taxi rides. Read on to find out the Do’s and Don’ts of taking taxis.




  • Book well in advance

Do organize yourself. Pre-booking a taxi will save you from the last minute hassle. So, book a service provider that you or someone you know uses regularly. If possible, hire a service that uses call-back or texts to let you know the time of taxi arrivals.

  • Get vehicle details

Ask for the details about the taxi you are going to ride, at the time of booking. Along with the cab driver’s name, ask if they can tell you the make and color of vehicle.

  • Sit in the back

The seat behind the driver is the safest seat as that is the one furthest from the driver. In case you are taking taxi in a group, make sure that the last person to get off sits back. Take care of the belongings on person.

  • Phone a friend

Whenever you feel nervous, an idea is to call your friend or near ones. Else, you can simply pretend calling them. This will make it less likely for anything inapt or unfortunate to happen.

  • Scan the cab before you get off

Do not forget scanning the cab thoroughly before you leave. This will help you track down the cab easily and recover your belongings, in case you leave anything behind.




  • Avoid taking heavy cash, or wearing too much jewelry. Not all the drivers have good intention. Be smart, and choose a dependable taxi service provider.
  • Do not ride in a taxi if the driver is drunk. Make sure that your driver is sober before you get in, especially during night time.
  • Do not discuss any important matters such as credit cards, savings, or phone numbers inside a taxi.
  • Try to avoid taking a taxi during night time. If it is really important, do not travel alone. Ask a friend or a family member to accompany you.
  • Do not bring along too many people with you in the taxi. Not only it makes your trip uncomfortable, but is illegal and dangerous too. If more of you are travelling, it is safe to arrange for more cabs (according to your requirement).

Have a Safe Ride!

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