5 Tips To Evade Taxi Frauds At The Airport

May 25, 2014

Generally, local people know everything about the place that they live in. Locals have knowledge about every short routes and taxi-fares required to reach various locations in their city. For a taxi driver, deceiving a local passenger is next to impossible. On the contrary, most of the tourists don’t have enough knowledge about the places they are traveling. Taxi scams happen mainly because tourists are usually not aware of the taxi rates or routes to a particular area.

This blog is dedicated towards stopping taxi scams at the airport stations. Below, I have listed 5 tips to evade taxi frauds at the airports.

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1) Exit from the departures floor

When the flight has landed and it is time to exit the airport, you should avoid walking out of the arrival gate. Most of the taxi scammers usually target the travelers that exit from the arrival gate. Instead, go to the departures floor to leave the airport.

2) Check the taximeter

When the driver comes out of the taxi to put your luggage in the trunk, greet him/her in a friendly manner and also make sure that the driver intends on using the taximeter. It is an illegal activity for standard yellow taxicabs to not use the taximeter. However, fixed taxi rates are allowed if both the passenger and the taxi driver are fine with it.

3) Avoid detours

Taxi drivers at the airports are quite notorious for taking the tourists on a longer route in order to increase the taxi fare. This can be easily avoided if a tourist passenger can give a written address of the destination as well as inform the driver about places along the way to the destination. Plus, a passenger can also use a map to refer to a desired route.

4) Pay a reasonable taxi fare

You should only pay the amount shown on the taximeter. If a driver charges anything more than the readings on the taximeter, it is probably a scam. With standard yellow cabs, there is no such thing as luggage charges or extra night charges. You should only pay the amount shown on the taximeter. That’s all.

5) Always note down the cab number and company name

When you decide to hire a taxi, it is a good habit to note down the cab number and company name of the cab. By doing so, you will be able to register a formal complaint against the taxicab service in case of a taxi fraud or any other issues.


By implementing the above tips, you will easily be able to avoid any scamming tricks of taxicab drivers.

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