5 Must-Do Things in Minneapolis St. Paul

March 29, 2015

Minneapolis and St. Paul, also referred by many as the Twin Cities or the Heart of Minnesota, make up a diverse region with cultural diversity and top-notch attractions. However, with all that variety up in sleeve, it becomes mind boggling to choose the best out of the best. So next time you head over to Minnesota, try these 5 must-do things to add flair to your trip.

#1. Drink Like a Crazy

When it comes to showering your night with drinks, I guess the guys at 612 Brew have nailed it! With the combination of few excellent small-batch brews in the twin cities, these guys back a punch when it comes to serious dedication to their craft. 612 Brew offers tours on specific Sundays that start at 11 am. They have a range of calendar events like food truck visits, and guess what? They are absolutely free! Bottoms Up!

#2. Explore the Natural Beauty

Whether you are having an afternoon lunch in Grand Avenue or getting deep into the beauty of Minnehaha Falls Park, this wonderland provides entertainment worth every penny. This beautiful masterpiece has abundance of lakes, wildlife, and parks that can make any person fall in love with it.

The nature conservatory, ranging from a Japanese-style water garden to gorgeous seasonal flower, displays the diversity of its exquisiteness. Besides the natural vibe, there are other attractions in Minneapolis St Paul to get you into the groove of excitement and entertainment.

#3. A Touch of Southeast Divine

Undoubtedly, Minnesota is known for its cultural clubs having people from various culture, race and ethnicity. As the history suggests, large surge in the group of Hmong, Norwegians, Swedes, Germans, etc made their way to Minnesota at the turn of the century. The footprint of this historical propaganda can be found on Hmong town Marketplace which is a story in itself. Get lost in the deep ocean of American and European-influenced food items and a unique taste of Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand.

#4. I want to be “Einstein”

Yes, you heard me – this is what you would want to say after getting lost in the Science Museum of Minnesota. This beautiful museum exhibits the everyday science that occurs in our life through collection of fossils and artifacts and hands-on exhibition. Enroll yourself and your curious kids into the journey of space that will give you an Out-of-Gravity Experience.

#5. Time to Join Curling Club

Curling is one of the favorite winter sports of Minnesotans that most Americans may not have even heard of. Holding its mark with 1200 members and counting, the Curling Club of St. Paul is the largest curling club in the United States. Curling is a kind of game that is played between two teams, each with four players.

The players need to slide stones across a sheet of ice toward a target area. The points in this game are scored by sliding the stones closest to the center of the house. The team with highest points at the end is declared the winner.

After completing the race of attractions, you may want to hustle to your hotel. The situation here calls for a pick-up and drop-off taxi services in twin cities. If you have enough gas in your tank, you can ask your cab driver to take you to the best coffee shop in the city. A warm coffee or tea can surely give you an energy boost to continue your day tomorrow.

So these are the 5 must-do things in Minnesota. Did I miss anything that you want me to include? Do mention it in the comments below.

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