5 Factors You Must Consider Before Hiring a Limo Service

September 21, 2014

Back in the 90’s, limousines were considered as a major symbol of excellence & elegance. There was a time when it used to be linked with only high status and elite people. But things have changed radically and even the commoners with low income can have the luxury of riding on this masterpiece. All you have to do is contact a limousine service provider of your city or state.

Even though you hire a limo company, it doesn’t assure that you would get the ride of a lifetime. It’s up to you to do proper research and partner a right company for your events. So, what are things you should research about? Let’s have brief insights:

  • Pre-planning: Before you enter the mode of hiring, you should consider few things ahead. For example: The types of events like weddings, proms & airport transfers, number of passengers for the event, types of vehicles etc. Then you should look to hire the company that compliments all those needs.


  • Price & packages: It’s a fact that the price may vary with every limo company. So be one step ahead in finding the market price of limo service. It’s better if you list the prices of various companies so that you can have the luxury of choosing the finest one. If your service provider offers a special package, don’t forget to take it in consideration too!!!


  • License: As a client, it’s your foremost right to verify if the company is authorized or not. For instance: if you are hiring a limo service in MN, your service provider must be certified by Minnesota Department of Transportation’s Office of Motor Carriers. Also ask for a copy of driver and vehicle’s license issued by The Department of Public Safety. By doing this you can avoid those fly-by-night scammers or irresponsible companies.


  • Insurance: Insurance is one of the most important clauses you must have in your negotiation contract. You have to be sure that your prosperity is in protected sets of hands. Even if misfortune comes to strike you, insurance helps to protect you from various lawsuits and the conceivable injuries. Please don’t trust the company that hesitates to show their insurance & licensing credentials.


  • Reserve as early as possible: In busy time of the year, it becomes difficult to book an instant limo service. So if you are thinking of hiring a limo for your special events like wedding or prom, consider placing a reservation as early as possible. For paradigm: if you are hiring a limousine for your Bachelor/Bachelorette party, you should book the service at least 2 months before your actual event.


Trust us!! You don’t have to be Bill Gates to have a ride of the limo. By the help of an appropriate limo service you too can make a classy statement.

About Us: Airport Taxi Service is a proclaimed transportation company offering wide range of taxi & limo services in the areas of Minneapolis, Saint Paul and major areas of Minnesota. Call us now at: (612) 845-8117 to book your chauffeured limo to have a relax ride for your special events.




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