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Safety Travel tips for Women

Do you think women can have a safe travel alone? We can see lot of women travelling alone these days, either for pleasure or for some business purpose. However, the fact cannot be denied that there is always an unknown…

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Tips for travelling with children

Travel with Kids: Tips and Suggestions

Travelling with children can be fun as well as challenging. It requires a lot of planning, patience and effort to have a great family vacation. If you are going by a car, plan your travel so that there are lots…

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How to Plan a Group Prom Date

Is it accurate to say that you want to go to prom with your companions? The thought of going through the night with a bundle of individuals that made your secondary school days a magnificent ordeal sounds much fun! No…

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Dos and Don’ts for a safe taxi ride

Dos and Don’ts for a safe taxi ride Taxis are the fastest and the most flexible way of travelling anywhere around a city. Whether you need a ride after a late night party, or you need to arrive at the…

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Cab etiquettes everyone should know

Can a cab driver refuse you service? The cab driver can refuse you service if the light on top of the cab is off indicating that the cab is off duty or when the trip will take more than 12…

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